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BACH Development - Mobile Home Renovation Services

BACH Development is a licensed, insured, full-service contractor with eight different divisions covering every aspect of construction within mobile home communities. More than a premier contractor, BACH Development is a trusted partner committed to each community’s success, specializing in Mobile Home Renovations, Club House Renovations, Complete Paving Services and all CAP-X Projects.

Mobile Home Renovation Services is a full mobile home turn-key provider. Offering floor to ceiling services, we work directly with the owners and managers of mobile home communities to return unoccupied inventory to a fully marketable condition for either sale or lease. With several teams of highly skilled and proficient tradesmen, Mobile Home Renovation Services provides high volume and timely rehabilitation services required to minimize your inventory downtime and increase your profitability.

Our experience and continual focus on mobile home communities means we understand exactly what construction and property managers need. We take pride in taking the time to get to know you and your community and delivering the highest quality work in all service areas. We even adapt our systems around your practices to provide you the most value and eliminate the need for you to manage multiple contractor relationships.

We specialize in: Mobile Home Renovations • Club House Renovations & All CAP-X Projects • Mobile Home Exterior Packages & Set Up • Complete Paving Services.

Services Offered:

  • Full Electrical Renovation
  • Full Plumbing Renovation
  • Painting
    • Interior
  • Drywall Replacement
    • Exterior
  • Stucco Repair
  • Flooring
    • Sub Flooring
    • Carpet
    • Tile
    • Laminate
    • VCT
  • Windows and Doors
    • Replace or Repair
  • Vinyl Skirting and Siding
  • Stairs – Replace or Repair
  • Roofing
    • Repair or Replace Shingles
    • Truss Repair
    • Metal Roofs
    • Roof Coating
  • Kitchen Renovation
    • Cabinetry
    • Counter Top - Resurfacing and Replacement
    • Appliance Installation
  • Painting - Interior
  • Drywall Replacement - Exterior
  • Bathroom Renovation
    • Tub/Shower Refinishing/Replacement
    • Toilet Replacement/Repair
    • Counter Top – Resurfacing/Replacement
    • Vanity Repair/Replacement

Approved Contractor For Florida’s Largest Mobile Home Communities:
  • Equity Lifestyle Communities Jessie Hill, Construction Manager
  • Lakeshore Communities Brian Kessinger, Construction Manager
  • Carefree RV Community Bruce Peebles, Construction Manager
  • Cal-Am Properties Jay Weston, Construction Manager


Division Leader

Mobile Home Renovation
Bear Klinge, Managing Partner

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November 2016 | Press Release

BACH Development receives the Contractor's Award from, AIA - The American Institute of Architects on November 4th, 2016 Ceremony

For more information on the AIA, Visit: The American Institute of Architects

September 2016 | Press Release

BACH Development has been nominated for the Contractor's Award by Charles Molnar, AIA - Past President We would like to nominate BACH Development for the 2016 Contractor’s Award. We have had more than 4-5 years experience with the Firm. Our nomination for BACH is based on projects that we have recently completed over the past two years. Each project had unique challenges. We have attached project pages for each of the three projects. Daily Eats + Fresh Kitchen in Sarasota. Completed in early 2016, this project site was very challenging as there was little to no staging area throughout construction. The shell building was provided to us by the Site Developer, and required extensive revision to integrate each restaurant complex into the shell building. Equally challenging was designing and building two different restaurant concepts adjacent to each other at the same time.