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Building on our experience and commitment to improving the communities in which we live and work, BACH is focused on helping to improve affordable housing in the state of Oregon. Our comprehensive, one-stop approach is built around our ability to handle every aspect of the manufactured home removal and replacement.

  • Licensed General Contractor
  • Licensed Manufactured Dwelling Installers
  • Licensed Manufactured Home Dealer

BACH Development greatly simplifies the entire process and reduces the overall time to remove outdated homes and install new, energy-efficient homes. Our turn-key approach provides Energy Trust, lenders, individual homeowners and parks with a central point of contact and streamlined process to deliver a comprehensive list of services, including:

  • Site Inspections/Surveys
  • New Home Selection
  • Comprehensive/All-in-One Pricing
  • Existing Home Removal
  • New Home Manufacture/Delivery
  • New Home Installation

Initial Site Inspection to Final New Home Inspection

BACH works with homeowners to once home selection and overall pricing, then connect them the information and organizations they need to work with, including Energy Trust, Craft3 and other partner organizations, to finalize their application. Once approved, BACH manages the remaining steps in the retire/replace process:


Energy Trust, in partnership with Oregon Housing and Community Services, CASA of Oregon, NeighborWorks Umqua, St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County, and regional Community Action Agencies, will identify qualified homes and/or parks, seek additional funding opportunities and monitor the impact of retiring and replacing older (pre-1995) manufactured homes with new, energy-efficient models. This innovative approach will benefit manufactured home occupants and communities for decades. It can also provide non-energy benefits such as healthier living conditions and greater economic security.

The new manufactured homes in this pilot will meet the standards of the Northwest Energy Efficient Manufactured Home Program, NEEM, delivering the maximum cost-effective efficiency benefit. Incentives available to the customer for qualified products are based on the NEEM 1.1 specification; additional incentives are available for homes reaching NEEM 2.0 specification.

More detailed information on the program, including new home required energy efficiency standards, additional financial incentives to homeowners and more can be found at:


Craft3 Example

Craft3 is a regional nonprofit CDFI that makes loans to strengthen the economic, ecological and family resilience in Oregon and Washington, helping families of all income levels finance energy upgrades, build accessory dwelling units, and replace failing septic systems and aging manufactured homes.

  1. Get Qualified for the Manufactured Home Replacement Pilot by contacting Energy Trust of Oregon at: EnergyTrust.org
  2. Contact Craft3 to discuss the loan product and process
  3. Complete a loan application
  4. Receive a decision & finalize your project plan
  5. Sign your loan documents
  6. Install your new manufactured home
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